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  • Financial Ethics Index (FEI) 2013 and Quality of Workforce Index (QWI) 2013 are now available.
  • Business Risk Reports (BRS) 2013-III is published on December 8, 2013. See which countries advanced and which slipped in rankings! 
  • FORELEND 2013-III is now available for purchase.
  • MERA is back! BERI S.A.'s MVP for oil and gas companies is available for purchase now.


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BERI S.A. Founder & Chairman Dr. Ted Haner's new book is published. Buy it here!

In "The Technology of Chaos" Dr. Haner stresses the conflict between the "haves" and the "have nots"

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BERI S.A. issues another warning on emerging markets. Watch it here.

CEO Saruhan Hatipoglu with CCTV's Michelle Makori at the Nasdaq site in NYC

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Impact of EM crisis on developed countries? Watch it here.

"There are over 40 EM elections this year contributing to volatility" says Hatipoglu in his latest CCTV interview on March 29.

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